24 December 2018
File under Christmas Miracle: tomorrow we release the chapbook Sheet Music by Marina Blitshteyn. An edition of 226 with 26 copies lettered and signed, the chapbook features a letterpress-printed cover, hand-sewn binding, and subtle nods to the manuscript's subjects, Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky.

14 March 2017
Our first release of 2017 is the long-awaited fine press chapbook by Deborah Wood, An Aorta with Branches. An edition of 108, it features, beyond Wood's brillian travelogue-in-poems, a letterpress-printed cover from linocut artwork by Marc Snyder on custom-, hand-made paper by Petrichorpaper and a hand-sewn binding.

01 February 2017
The first Reprint Reduction of 2017! Ben Tanzer's Sex and Death for $8! Order from the specials page.

27 October 2016
Reprint Reduction #3 is here! William Taylor Jr.'s The Hunger Season for $8. Order from the Specials page.

19 October 2016
Next Reprint Reduction! Get Rusty Barnes's debut collection, Breaking It Down, for $7!

11 October 2016
Sarah Boyer's Howard is shipping and we've announced Reprint Reduction, where reprinted titles are available at a discount for a limited time. First up is Pilot Season by James Brubaker, available for $8 (plus shipping) when you order from our Specials page!

02 October 2016
Ordering for Sarah Boyer's Howard is live! We'll also have copies at this weekend's VSW Pub Fair in Rochester, New York!

31 January 2016
Earlier this month we released the collection of short stories Sex and Death by Ben Tanzer with wonderful cover art by Kyle William Butler. Three great reviews have recently come in—check them out!

19 October 2015
We are releasing two wonderful hand-sewn poetry chapbooks with letterpress-printed covers: Scattered Trees Grow in Some Tundra by Cheryl Quimba and SONGS & YES by MRB Chelko. The former comes out today and the latter in two weeks. Each is available for order through clicking the titles, or get both for $20 here.

04 May 2015
Well that was fast: today is our ten-year anniversary. So, naturally, that means you can order any paperback for $10 for the whole damn month. Just order through our specials and drop us a note to let us know which books you want (that's right, plural: order as many as you want, ten bucks each).

05 November 2014
Were you off doing your civic duty yesterday? As it turns out, we were, too. And we were also releasin The Blood of a Tourist by William Taylor Jr., our latest paperback of poetry. If you like the inner-citty narrative, the profound but accessible, the Baudelaire-esque, you may very well like this. Check it out here.

21 October 2014
Today we released a wondeful collection of gritty, realist short stories—Repairable Men by John Carr Walker. Pertinent information here. Thanks!

17 August 2014
You may have heard over at our Facebook page that we're open for submissions: it's true. Twenty pages or less (we're looking for chapbooks), SASE, postmarked August 2014. The rest is up to you.

25 March 2014
Today we released Reckoning, the first novel by Rusty Barnes. What makes us particularly excited about this is that this is also our first novel. Check it out!

17 March 2014
So tomorrow we release Pilot Season by James Brubaker, but advances in science allow us to sell it to you today. It's almost like the reality TV that Brubaker's flash pieces poke and wrestle with never happened. Almost.

02 January 2014
Happy New Year! On New Year's Eve we released Daniel M. Shapiro's debut collection of poetry, How the Potato Chip Was Invented. Before that we released the chapbooks Instructions for the Orgy by Jeffrey Hecker (poetry) and Box Cutters by Samuel Snoek-Brown (flash fiction). Want this news in a more timely fashion? Friend us on Facebook!

01 October 2013
Christopher Bowen's We Were Giants is out today!

26 September 2013
Anhvu Buchanan's fantastic debut collection, The Disordered, is out! Also, our next chapbook—the debut release of Christopher Bowen—will be released on Tuesday! You can check out (and preorder) We Were Giants here.

28 May 2013
Noel Sloboda's Our Rarer Monsters is released today! Order from us by tomorrow at 8 p.m. and receive a set of coasters featuring sketches by Marc Snyder for his artwork in the book! (Click title.)

13 March 2013
We've returned from AWP, and will hopefully recover shortly—thank you to everyone who made it such a wonderful time. While we were gone, two fantastic things happened: Lawrence Millman's Hiking to Siberia was excerpted in The Utne Reader and Noel Sloboda's forthcoming collection of poetry—featuring linocut artwork by Marc Snyder—went live for preorder.

18 November 2012
Haiku! All-letterpress-printed! Hand-sewn! Behold our latest release: Whale of Stars by Michael Kriesel.

13 November 2012
Open Submissions! We are soliciting manuscripts to be considered for publication as a chapbook. Please send up to twenty manuscript pages (any genre), a cover letter, and SASE to the address above. Only submissions postmarked November 2012 will be considered; please keep in mind that the objective is a chapbook, so in most cases what is submitted should be considered the full manuscript.

02 October 2012
Today we release Lawrence Millman's wonderful and humorus collection of nonfiction, Hiking to Siberia: Curious Tales of Travel and Travelers.

13 June 2012
The first review of Split Personality is in! Also, we have some spiffy new blank journals for sale. More information will be appearing on our Facebook page, but you can make your purchase from the specials page. (And heck, you should friend us on Facebook anyway.)

31 May 2012
This week we released a wonderful collaborative chapbook by Karla Huston and Cathryn Cofell titled Split Personality, who will be reading from it at a book release at Avol's Books in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday. It's also the last day of our anniversary sale, where all non-2012 chapbooks and paperbacks are just $7 each. (Although, between us, since we'll be out in Milwaukee for the Midwest Small Press Festival, the link will remain active for a few more days.)

08 May 2012
Today we release into the world Settlement, Micah Ling's first release since winning an Indiana Authors Award. Also, Mostly Redneck was reviewed at Bent Country and The Hunger Season was reviewed at Red Fez. 

05 May 2012
Well, look at us, all grown up and selling books like the big kids do: today we're seven years old! You can join our party by grabbing all non-2012 (and non-hardcover) releases for just $7 each using this link. No trick candles, guaranteed.

26 April 2012
We are delighted to announce the open of pre-orders for Settlement, Micah Ling's first book since winning an Indiana Author's Award. The cover was illustrated by Kyle William Butler and executed as a three-color screen-print by Courtney Brent. More information is here.

28 March 2012
Our first title of 2012 has been released: So Below by Noel Sloboda, which was kindly featured in this write-up of AWP. More recently, The Really Funny Thing About Apathy, Circulation, and Modern Love all made it into this write-up of the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. And, lastly, a review of Mostly Redneck appears in the recent issue of Small Press Review.

04 January 2012
Happy New Year! We're celebrating by congratulating Rusty Barnes and Curtis Smith, whose Mostly Redneck and Witness (respectively) made best-of-2011 lists at The BN Mystery Blog and Perpetual Folly, respectively. We heartily raise a glass to them, respectively.

20 November 2011
Rusty Barnes's Mostly Redneck has recently received a plethora of reviews: Brooklyn Rail, Midwest Book Review, WORD/SOUND., and on William Trent Pancoast's blog; and B.J. Best's State Sonnets received a review in the Centrifugal Eye.

08 November 2011
Micah Ling has won an Indiana Authors Award. We're going to shut up now and let her bask in the glory.

23 October 2011
It’s true: we are again open for submissions. The basics: any genre, up to ten pages of prose or ten poems (not to exceed ten pages, no funny stuff), sent by post to PO Box 911, Buffalo, NY 14207, accompanied by a cover letter, brief biography (including recent readings, panels, press fairs, etc.), and SASE (for response only; manuscripts will not be returned). (Also include a brief summary of the larger work if you are sending an excerpt.)

The details: Submissions must be postmarked November 2011 and received by the end of the year (no idea why it would take that long to get to us; just saying). While we will solicit the balance of the manuscript and/or work with you to build one if your work is selected, we are also interested in producing small books from the submissions we receive, so please consider sending a sampling that could stand alone (especially short stories, poems, and short nonfiction). Finally, for logistical reasons, we regret that we are only considering work from U.S.-based authors.

21 October 2011
Charly Fasano's Next Analog Broadcast was named a Sept–Oct Pick over at Small Press Review and was also reviewed favorably at Midwest Book Review.

16 October 2011
We're delighted and flattered to be the Scenes feature in the current issue of American Book Review.

24 September 2011
Prick of the Spindle reviewed Rusty Barnes's Mostly Redneck and The Donnybrook Writing Academy showed a little love for Charly Fasano's Next Analog Broadcast.

16 September 2011
Rusty Barnes's Mostly Redneck got a little blog love over at Hardboiled Wonderland and Charly Fasano's Next Analog Broadcast got a review in What to Wear During an Orrange Alert?.

25 August 2011
Well, since we last updated this, we've released Next Analog Broadcast by Charly Fasano, had Curtis Smith's Witness hit the Small Press Distribution nonfiction bestseller list, attended the Iowa City Book Festival, and released Mostly Redneck by Rusty Barnes, and Micah Ling is once again up for an Indiana Authors Award on the strength of Sweetgrass and Three Islands.

You want reviews and interviews? Mostly Redneck: Publishers Weekly, Eleutherophobia, TQR, and Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene; Next Analog Broadcast: Westword, Reverb, bookmunch, and Yellow Rake; For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed: Ken Wohlrob; At the End of Time: Primal Urge; and The Really Funny Thing About Apathy, Stages, The Zoo: A Going (the Tropic House), The Brucciano Poems, Everything Else We Must Endure, and America Plops and Fizzes: Small Press Review.

07 July 2011
Today we release the hand-set, letterpress-printed broadsheet Podunk, a poem by Jason Tandon, and this weekend we head to Toronto where we're excited to table at Meet the Presses's Screaming Chapbook Market—stop by and say hello if you're anywhere near.

05 July 2011
Today it's all about Rusty Barnes: NewPages published the first review of Mostly Redneck, his forthcoming book with us, and he was interviewed by We Who Are About to Die, ArtSlag, and Fictionaut.

28 June 2011
We're back from the Ottawa Small Press Fair (which was fantastic) to find an interview with Tim Horvath by Greg Gerke over at The Nervous Breakdown where Circulation gets a deserved discussion.

16 June 2011
Midwest Book Review has published a review of Richard Krech's At the End of Time and Indiana Public Media has broadcast two separate recordings of Micah Ling: one of her reading from Sweetgrass and another of her reading from Three Islands.

02 June 2011
NewPages just published one heck of a review of Chelsea Martin's The Really Funny Thing About Apathy, B.J. Best recorded a poem from State Sonnets for Milwaukee Public Radio, and Witness by Curtis Smith was a weekly best-seller at Small Press Distribution.

13 May 2011
Our next paperback of poetry, Next Analog Broadcast by Charly "the city mouse" Fasano is getting some nice early press—a review in Rock Star Journalist and a spot on New & Noteworthy list at NewPages. Also, The Nervous Breakdown interviewed Rebecca Schumejda, where she discussed Falling Forward and her now-out of print Dream Big, Work Harder.

05 May 2011
Today is our sixth anniversary. To celebrate, you can buy any paperback, chapbook, or broadsheet for $6 each. Details and ordering links are in our Specials. (Addendum: The special is now over. Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!)

04 May 2011
Preorders for the hardcover edition of Richard Krech's At the End of Time have shipped; a few copies still remain. Also, Bookmunch has ran reviews of Andrew Rihn's America Plops and Fizzes and Curtis Smith's Witness.

19 April 2011
Fleeting Pages is doing something cool in Pittsburgh and What to Tell the Sleeping Babies by MRB Chelko got a nice review in Small Press Review.

06 April 2011
Big Other has posted a new review of Everything Else We Must Endure by Brian McGettrick. Michael Kriesel won the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts & Letters 2011 Poetry Contest. Dogzplot is planning a summer reading tour that involves a few sunnyoutside authors (details forthcoming). We're experiencing an existential crisis. That is all.

17 March 2011
New reviews of Everything Else We Must Endure by Brian McGettrick: at What to Wear During an Orange Alert?, Bookmunch, and NewPages.

07 March 2011
The limited edition (twenty-six lettered and signed copies) of Richard Krech's At the End of Time is in the final stages and almost ready to ship with copies still available. Click here for more information. Also, Myfanwy Collins has posted a nice review of Curtis Smith's Witness.

05 February 2011
America Plops and Fizzes by Andrew Rihn and Everything Else We Must Endure by Brian McGettrick have officially been released; the former was discussed in an interview with Andrew Rihn at The People's Voice. Small Press Review also named Sweetgrass by Micah Ling and At the End of Time by Richard Krech as Jan-Feb Picks.

25 January 2011
A nice review of America Plops and Fizzes over at What to Wear During an Orange Alert? and a plug for Witness at Literary Mama.

21 January 2011
Our next two titles—Everything Else We Must Endure by Brian McGettrick and America Plops and Fizzes by Andrew Rihn (with artwork by David Munson)—are now available for pre-order. Also, Prime Number has a review of Witness in its current issue, along with an interview with Curtis Smith.

19 January 2011
Happy New Year, and much news! A new postcard to our still-going postcard project—this one the poem "Stages" by Noel Sloboda (which also appears in his chapbook Stages). Also, many new reviews: Curtis Smith's Witness in NewPages and jmww, Chelsea Martin's The Really Funny Thing About Apathy in Midwest Book Review, and Micah Ling's Sweetgrass in Bookmunch.

20 December 2010
Prick of the Spindle launched their new issue today and in it are reviews of At the End of Time by Richard Krech and Sweetgrass by Micah Ling. And, speaking of Sweetgrass, it was named both by Karen the Small Press Librarian (by Christopher Bowen) and Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc. (by Oliver de la Paz) as a recommended holiday gift pick.

16 December 2010
Today was a big occasion for us: the release of our first nonfiction title, a collection of essays titled Witness by Curtis Smith. Acco
mpanying its release is a review in New York Journal of Books. And we'll be at WNYBAC in Buffalo, New York tomorrow and Saturday for their Marketplace, which Buffalo Rising wrote a piece on (do note the bit about the "nationally renown" press).

15 December 2010
A few reviews to report: Sweetgrass by Micah Ling got an amazing review in NewPages, Nylon reviewed Chelsea Martin's The Really Funny Thing About Apathy, and Witness by Curtis Smith got reviewed in What to Wear During an Orange Alert? and Small Press Reviews.

14 December 2010
We've just released Richard Krech's second collected works, At the End of Time, so orders for the paperback are now shipping. There is also a limited, signed hardcover edition in the works that is available for preorder that will ship in early 2011.

01 December 2010
Happy December! Our two forthcoming releases—At the End of Time by Richard Krech and Witness by Curtis Smith—are now available for preorder. For the gift-giving month of December we're reviving our previous moving sal
eorder any three books and get the least (or equally) expensive one free—and also have various combinations of new releases discounted—see the Specials page for details. This will be good for the month of December and is good on preorders.

02 November 2010
It's time to vote, and then it's time to release our first two paperbacks of the season
The Really Funny Thing About Apathy by Chelsea Martin and then, next week, Sweetgrass by Micah Ling. The former was recently reviewed by Publishers Weekly and the latter by decomP and What to Wear During an Orange Alert?. And if you're at the Kenyon Review Literary Festival this weekend, please stop by and say hello.

06 October 2010
New reviews! H.K. Rainey reviewed The Hunger Season by William Taylor Jr. and Prick of the Spindle reviewed The Really Funny Thing About Apathy by Chelsea Martin and J. A. Tyler's The Zoo, a Going: (The Tropic House).

19 September 2010
Moving sale! Help us reduce the burden of relocation
—buy two books and get one of equal or lesser value free. Simply place an order by the end of September for the two you're paying for, and make a note of the one you'd like free when ordering. Only want one book? We'll give you free shipping on that—just PayPal the list price to david(at)sunnyoutside.com with the book you want and we'll ship that right out to you. (Note that we're serious about moving fewer books, so pre-orders don't qualify.)

18 September 2010
The early reviews for J. A. Tyler's The Zoo, a Going: (The Tropic House) have been great
—thanks to What to Wear During an Orange Alert? and Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene for those. Also, Daily Journal published a nice article and interview with Micah Ling about her Indiana Authors Award-nominated book Three Islands, decomP has got the first review of Chelsea Martin's forthcoming collection of fiction, The Really Funny Thing About Apathy, as well as a review of Thomas Rain Crowe's The Brucciano Poems, which Prick of the Spindle also reviewed, as well as Stages by Noel Sloboda.

13 August 2010
We are delighted to be release our first fiction chapbook in quite some while
The Zoo, a Going: (The Tropic House) by J. A. Tyler—later this month. Also, our old friend B.J. Best was recently interviewed on Thirdcoast, and speaks briefly about State Sonnets.

01 August 2010
According to the Buffalo News, I'm a book arts adept. Thanks, Buffalo News.

19 July 2010
Some really big news: Micah Ling is a finalist for an Emerging Writer Indiana Authors Award for her title Three Islands, complete with award dinner gala where the winner will be announced. The big related news: Micah's next collection, Sweetgrass, will also be released by us and is available for pre-order, as is Chelsea Martin's forthcoming collection of fiction, The Really Funny Thing About Apathy. Also, Gutter Eloquence has posted a nice review of William Taylor Jr.'s The Hunger Season. And finally, we're honored to be a part of Christopher Newgent's very cool project Vouched Books.

01 July 2010
Happy July, good people. We have a a good many updates for you: Rebecca Schumejda was interviewed by Full of Crow, where she read from and discussed Falling Forward a bit; Thomas Rain Crowe's The Brucciano Poems was recently reviewed by Prick of the Spindle; ditto with Stages by Noel Sloboda; and a number of titles were reviewed in recent issues of Small Press Review: Going Home by Lawrence Millman in #442, After the Honeymoon by Nathan Graziano and The Hunger Season by William Taylor Jr. in # 448; and What to Tell the Sleeping Babies by MRB Chelko was named a pick of the month in #446.

11 June 2010
Tim Horvath's Circulation received a nice plug by Emerging Writers Network as part of their promotion of the novella, which was in turn picked up by the Los Angeles Times. Also, Desolation Angels has printed a profile of Richard Krech (we have published the collections In Chambers and Rumors of Electricity, and are also publishing his forthcoming second volume of collected works), and decomP ran reviews of What to Tell the Sleeping Babies by MRB Chelko and Stages by Noel Sloboda.

18 May 2010
While we quietly had our five-year anniversay back on May 5, DePauw Magazine was running a profile on Micah Ling, including some questions about Three Islands, as well as the forthcoming Sweetgrass, which we're proud to be publishing.

30 April 2010
Yesterday we released Thomas Rain Crowe's The Brucciano Poems, and still have the first three titles of 2010 discounted for $30. And there's also plenty of other news to report: Noel Sloboda was interviewed by What to Wear During an Orange Alert?, where he discusses Stages; Verse Wisconsin reviewed State Sonnets by B.J. Best as well as Moths Mail the House by Michael Kriesel; and Midwest Book Review ran a review of What to Tell the Sleeping Babies by MRB Chelko, who will also be reading Tuesday in NYC at the Chapbook Festival.

17 April 2010
Our third title of 2010
The Brucciano Poems by Thomas Rain Crowe—is availavle for pre-order. Another chapbook with a letterpress-printed cover and a hand-stitched binding, we have decided to celebrate 2010's trio, along with our appearance at this year's Chapbook Festival, by offering all three for $30. Related, Noel Sloboda's Stages got a mention in Penn State University's Live.

07 April 2010
While we won't be at AWP this year, our good friends at Keyhole are going to have some of our recent releases at their table, so please stop by and say hello and check out their fine work. One of the titles they'll have, What to Tell the Sleeping Babies by MRB Chelko, was also just reviewed in Prick of the Spindle.

05 April 2010
We are pleased to announce our second release of 2010
—another chapbook with a letterpress-printed cover. This time it's two colors and it's a collection of poems by Noel Sloboda titled Stages.

24 March 2010
Emerging Writers Network is doing a neat overview of small presses for small press month, and we're honored and flattered to be one of those profiled. Also, we'll have a table at this year's Buffalo Small Press Book Fair this Saturday in Buffalo, New York.

20 February 2010
We are very please to have released our first title of 2010
What to Tell the Sleeping Babies by MRB Chelko. This chapbook has also just been reviewed by What to Wear During an Orange Alert?.

06 January 2010
Happy New Year! We would also like to congratulate Tim Horvath for Circulation being named the best chapbook of 2009 by Jason Jordan.

16 December 2009
Our congratulations to Rusty Barnes for Breaking it Down making Ben Tanzer's best books of the decade list (and our thanks to Ben).

05 December 2009
We'd like to thank Barbaric Yawp, Coldfront, and Home Planet News for reviews of Michael Kriesel's Moths Mail the House, Taylor Altman's Swimming Back, and Rebecca Schumejda's Falling Forward, respectively. Also, sunnyoutside will have a table at the upcoming WNYBAC Marketplace.

14 November 2009
Midwest Book Review has reviewed B.J. Best's State Sonnets (actually, and remarkably, they reviewed it twice) and Micah Ling's Three Islands. Redivider also interviewed Noel Sloboda, discussing Shell Games extensively.

11 November 2009
The new issue of Chapbook Review is out and in it is a review of Andrew Taylor's And the Weary Are at Rest.

07 November 2009
The Hippo has written a nice review of Nathan Graziano's latest book, After the Honeymoon.

02 November 2009
We're back from the tour
—thank you to everyone who hosted us and came out to a reading—and have now released for public sale the broadsheet of Nathan Graziano's poem "Crash," which we printed for the tour.

03 October 2009
Prick of the Spindle was kind enough to review William Taylor Jr.'s The Hunger Season, Micah Ling's Three Islands, and Nathan Graziano's After the Honeymoon in their latest issue, and also publishing an interview with sunnyoutside publisher David McNamara. The New Hampshire also ran an article on After the Honeymoon, and later today Graziano and Ling's reading tour officially kicks off with a reading at the Western New York Book Arts Center. There's a group for the tour on Facebook here.

21 September 2009
On Thursday we released Nathan Graziano's After the Honeymoon, his first paperback since the award-winning Teaching Metaphors that follows up his 2005 chapbook Honey, I'm Home (now out of print). We also finalized the last date of his thirteen-date October tour, which will also include readings by Micah Ling, B.J. Best, Andrew Scott, Michael Kriesel, and other special guests.

16 September 2009
The Indiana Daily Student has printed a nice interview/story with Micah Ling about her book Three Islands.

10 September 2009
Today we released Three Islands, Micah Ling's first full-length collection of poetry.

15 August 2009
What to Wear During an Orange Alert? has asked William Taylor Jr. a few questions about The Hunger Season.

13 August 2009
Today we released the second impression of Jason Tandon's Wee Hour Martyrdom and are also officially accepting pre-orders for The Hunger Season by William Taylor Jr., which will be released August 20. Also, recently Circulation and Six Recurring Dreams were reviewed by the Chapbook Review and Open a Real Book Reviews reviewed Falling Forward.

04 July 2009
The Chapbook Review has posted a review of Michael Kriesel's Moths Mail the House and Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene has posted reviews of William Taylor Jr.'s The Hunger Season and Nathan Graziano's After the Honeymoon.

02 July 2009
Micah Ling's fortchoming Three Islands was recently reviewed at Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene.

27 June 2009
The Review of Contemporary Fiction has recently published a nice review of Tim Horvath's Circulation. What to Wear During an Orange Alert? and Full of Crow have reviewed Rebecca Schumejda's Falling Forward. Nibble has published interviews with Rebecca Schumejda and Hosho McCreesh. And Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene has posted an interview with Tim Horvath.

09 June 2009
The Chapbook Review has just published its first issue and in it there are reviews of Alan Catlin's Only the Dead Know Albany and Lawrence Millman's Going Home.

13 May 2009
This weekend we drove out to Massachusetts to pick up a Golding Pearl that I hope to have restored before too long. While gone, Rebecca Schumejda's Falling Forward got a nice review in Midwest Book Review and Emerging Writers Network posted a nice review of Andrew Scott's Modern Love and also showed some love for Nathan Graziano's forthcoming After the Honeymoon (and also mentioned a work by Tim Horvath, whose Circulation we published not too long ago).

05 May 2009
Did we really not post for an entire month? We're back just in time to wish ourselves a happy fourth birthday, and to let you know that William Taylor Jr.'s The Hunger Season will be released August 20 and Micah Ling's Three Islands and Nathan Graziano's After the Honeymoon will be released a few weeks later in September. We'll also have a handful of chapbooks out in the interim
—details to come.

26 March 2009
Some sunnyoutside titles got some love in the photo that the Buffalo News ran with its article of last weekend's Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. And three wonderful reviews came in: two of Lawrence Millman's Going Home (one by Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene and the other by Prick of the Spindle) and one of Michael Kriesel's Moths Mail the House (also Prick of the Spindle). Don't forget that a lucky person will get a $10 title free on April 1
—you only need to subscribe to our mailing list to be entered.

05 March 2009
Today we released our first novella: Circulation by Tim Horvath. It was also recently reviewed by NewPages, as was Rebecca Schumejda's Falling Forward by Chronogram.

24 February 2009
We're finally back from AWP and thus ends free shipping, but we do have new letterpress-printed mini-bookmarks that are going out with all orders over $10. While we were gone, the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene blog ran reviews of MRB Chelko's letterpress-printed limited edition Six Recurring Dreams and Tim Horvath's novella Circulation. The latter will be released next Thursday and is available for pre-order, as is Rebecca Schumejda's Falling Forward, which we will release this Thursday. Finally, the kind Dan Wickett, whom we met briefly at AWP, mentioned Andrew Scott's Modern Love over at Emerging Writers Network. Jealous of his signed copy? We have a couple left
drop us a line if interested.

09 February 2009
This week we will be at AWP in Chicago, which is open to the public on Saturday. We're at table #744, so stop by and say hello if you're attending. It starts on Thursday, which happens to be the same day we'll be releasing the letterpress-printed Six Recurring Dreams by MRB Chelko. All orders placed this week will be shipped upon our return, but that's also part of the reason we've extended free shipping.

04 February 2009
Tomorrow we release our first sampler, Octothorp #1. Our intent is to offer an inexpensive introduction to many of our authors, present and future, as well as a general representation of the writing we wish to promote. And it's also part of our free shipping offer, which we'll continue to offer until mid-February.

29 January 2009
Today we released Going Home: A Horror Story by award-winning author Lawrence Millman. Also, Jason Heroux's chapbook The Sea Never Drowns received a wonderful review in Redactions.

27 January 2009
The elusive open submission period is here! The details: we're considering any genre, but are looking for short, complete manuscripts for chapbooks
—sixteen poems or 2500 words max. All submissions must also be postmarked in February 2009 and contain a cover letter and SASE. While we don't mind if any of the pieces are simultaneously submitted to a serial publication, we ask that none of the pieces be simultaneously submitted to a press as part of another collection.

22 January 2009
To help pay our way to this year's AWP in Chicago, we're offering free shipping for the rest of the month
—even on new releases available for pre-order, like Lawrence Millman's Going Home: A Horror Story. See the specials for how to order without paying shipping.

14 January 2009
Outsider Writers Collective has posted an interview with Hosho McCreesh and we've added a slew of new readings and events to the calendar.

03 January 2009
Epic Rites posted an interview with Andrew Taylor; Prick of the Spindle reviewed Shell Games by Noel Sloboda, Swimming Back by Taylor Altman, Only the Dead Know Albany by Alan Catlin, and Hosho McCreesh's For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things..., which has also been reviewed by Outsider Writers; and this always open to the story within... posted a wee bit about Karl Koweski's Diminishing Returns.

01 January 2009
Happy New Year!

10 December 2008
We'd like to give What to Wear During an Orange Alert? a big thanks for featuring some of our work in their Holiday Guide 2008,where they listed Taylor Altman's Swimming Back as one of the "Five New Faces in Lit" and Hosho McCreesh's For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things... in the "Top 10 Books of 2008" (also on the list is sunnyoutside author Curtis Smith, whose The Agnostic's Prayer will be released in 2009). In other news, Fight These Bastards ran a nice review of Jason Heroux's The Sea Never Drowns and The Somerville News published Doug Holder's interview with Jason Tandon (who had a poem from Wee Hour Martyrdom published on Verse Daily). And, finally, there are ten days left in our holiday sale. Thanks!

05 December 2008
For the next two weeks we'll be offering a buy two, get one free deal. Details are in the Specials, but, basically, order two books and during checkout mention a third title of equal or lesser value and we'll stuff your stocking (or, in this case, envelope) with it. And if you miss the 12/19 deadline, we'll be at the 12/20 Last Minute Gift Buying Panic Marketplace being hosted by WNYBAC.

29 November 2008
The Wausau Daily Herald has published a short little story on Michael Kriesel's Moths Mail the House.

22 November 2008
Doug Holder (author of No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain) has just published a transcript of his interview with Jason Tandon (author of Wee Hour Martyrdom and Rumble Strip). We're also really excited to see sunnyoutside artist Kevin Charles Kline (who worked on Hosho McCreesh's latest book and also Lawrence Millman's forthcoming chapbook) have work featured in the third edition of Photographic Possibilities (he even got the back cover!) by Robert Hirsch. Sunnyoutside publisher David McNamara also contributed some illustrations (they're wee, but they're on every page).

19 November 2008
We would like to thank Alexander Parsons (author of Thunderbird) for mentioning us in his interview (by Andrew Scott, author of Modern Love) that appeared in the most recent Glimmer Train. Speaking about Thunderbird, Parsons said: "I liked the work of the designer, Dave McNamara. He showed great attention to detail and was a perfectionist." Aww, shucks.

14 November 2008
Yesterday we released Moths Mail the House by Michael Kriesel, and will be keeping up the related specials for at least a couple more days. Also, Andrew Taylor's And the Weary Are at Rest was reviewed in the latest issue of The Journal.

05 November 2008
The Toronto Small Press Affair was a good time and as we get ready for the drive out to Ohio for the Kenyon Review Literary Festival we are also preparing to release our next title
Moths Mails the House by Michael Kriesel. Anyone interesting in pre-ordering should check our specials out first.

20 October 2008
The most recent issue of Poesia contains reviews of two of our titles
In Chambers by Richard Krech and Wee Hour Martyrdom by Jason Tandon. Also, we will have tables at both the Toronto Small Press Affair and the Kenyon Review Literary Festival.

12 October 2008
Although our qualifications for "empire" are dubious at best, a big thanks to Shane Jones for sparing some kind words about sunnyoutside over at <HTMLGIANT>.

11 October 2008
Noel Sloboda's Shell Games has just been reviewed in Mud Luscious and the Midwest Book Review, and Hosho McCreesh's
For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed... was reviewed in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene. Also, Kevin Sampsell of Future Tense was kind enough to give us a nice plug during an e-panel at Emerging Writers Network.

06 October 2008
Reviews galore! Prick of the Spindle reviewed Richard Krech's Rumors of Electricity and In Chambers (which was also mentioned by Thurston Moore and Byr
on Coley in Le Bathyscope), The Sea Never Drowns by Jason Heroux, And the Weary Are at Rest by Andrew Taylor, My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses by Christopher Fritton, and Wee Hour Martyrdom by Jason Tandon, which was also mentioned in j. a. tyler's blog along with Only the Dead Know Albany. Breaking it Down by Rusty Barnes was also reviewed in Front&Centre and Hosho McCreesh's For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed... was reviewed by What to Wear During an Orange Alert? and Alternating Current.

23 September 2008
Sunnyoutside publisher David McNamara will again teach his publishing workshop at the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative on October 14. Click here for a complete list of workshops currently offered. Also, J. A. Tyler wrote another brief review of one our books
—this time for Hosho McCreesh's For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed....

18 September 2008
Today we release Hosho McCreesh's For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed.... Also, Alan Catlin's Only the Dead Know Albany has received a nice review from What to Wear During an Orange Alert?

15 September 2008
Penn State York has published an article discussing Shell Games with Noel Sloboda and J. A. Tyler wrote a very brief review of Christopher Fritton's My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses on his blog.

03 September 2008
Writers in Profile has published a nice interview with Rusty Barnes (that also discusses Breaking it Down a bit). Also, someone was kind enough to mention us in a response to an article on chapbooks published by The Guardian. (It's also good to see friends of the press such erbacce-press, Shane Jones, Verve Bath Press, and Bottle of Smoke Press getting their due, too.) If you're reading this, chances are you have an opinion on chapbooks, so why not join the discussion?

30 August 2008
Small Press Review has named Noel Sloboda's Shell Games as a July–August Pick. Also, What to Wear During an Orange Alert? has ran a review of Taylor Altman's Swimming Back.

24 August 2008
Both Only the Dead Know Albany by Alan Catlin and Swimming Back by Taylor Altman have pulled in their first reviews courtesy of
Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene. Further, Hosho McCreesh's For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed... is now available for pre-order.

21 August 2008
Today we release Only the Dead Know Albany by Alan Catlin, a writer you're likely familiar with as this is his fifty-ninth book. We hope you like it. Also, our next book, Swimming Back by Taylor Altman, will be released next Thursday and is available for pre-order.

13 July 2008
We letterpress-printed some coasters of Michael Kriesel's poem "Driving Around After Rain" for him and kept a few for ourselves. We're giving them away free with the purchase of any of his titles
Feeding My Heart to the Wind, Three Poems, or the postcard.

08 July 2008
What to Wear During an Orange Alert? has published a review of And the Weary Are at Rest by Andrew Taylor. Shell Games by Noel Sloboda is ready for pre-order. Swimming Back by Taylor Altman has been sent to the printer. New titles by Rebecca Schumejda, Alan Catlin, Tim Horvath, and Hosho McCreesh are in design. Work by Curtis Smith, Brian McGettrick, Maria Chelko, Michael Kriesel, and William Taylor Jr. are in editorial. And TypeCon is right around the corner. Excuse us while we grab another cup of coffee.

05 July 2008
We are pleased to announce that our next paperback, Shell Games by Noel Sloboda, will be released July 31 and is available for pre-order (from both us and Amazon.com). We have also added a few new postcards to our inventory
—and are marking the occasion with a new entry in the specials.

29 June 2008
We had two books on the front cover of the current issue of Small Press Review
My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses by Christopher Fritton was listed as a May-June Pick and In Chambers by Richard Krech got a front-page review, as well as a recent mention in The Time Garden (as did Rumors of Electricity).

23 June 2008
Be Not Inhospitable to Strangers has posted a great interview with William Taylor Jr. Both his forthcoming book with us and So Much Is Burning get nice mentions.

22 June 2008
A couple nice blog reviews this week, one for Michael Kriesel's Feeding My Heart to the Wind and the other for our newest release, And the Weary Are at Rest by Andrew Taylor.

12 June 2008
Today is the official release of Andrew Taylor's And the Weary Are at Rest
—which also happens to be our first release by a non-North American author. Click the title for more information and a sample poem. Also, Breaking it Down and Wee Hour Martyrdom pulled in colossal reviews at NewPages and Midwest Book Review, respectively.

04 June 2008
Glory Days! Our next title, And the Weary Are at Rest, by Liverpool author Andrew Taylor, will be released June 12 and is available for pre-order. Also, Breaking it Down was reviewed by NewPages, Noel Sloboda (whose Shell Games will be released this summer) was interviewed by Keyhole, and Christopher Fritton discussed My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses during his interview with What to Wear During an Orange Alert.

23 May 2008
The fine folk over at What to Wear During an Orange Alert? were kind enough to interview publisher David McNamara. Don at Lilliput Review has also posted a few words about Michael Kriesel's Feeding My Heart to the Wind.

15 May 2008
Congratulations to both Richard Krech
—who had his book In Chambers reviewed in The Midwest Book Review—and Andrew Scott (author of Modern Love) who was recently published in Esquire.

12 May 2008
What to Wear During an Orange Alert? has written a nice, short little bit on Richard Krech's In Chambers.

05 May 2008
Happy third anniversary to us. Thank you. Thank you very much.

01 May 2008
Christopher Fritton's My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses got a nice review in dbqp: visualizing poetics.

24 April 2008
Buffalo Rising has just published a nice little interview with Christopher Fritton centered around his book My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses.

17 April 2008
Poet Hound has ran an interview with another sunnyoutside author
—this time Christopher Cunningham (whose Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm is very near to being sold out). We've also released the third impression of Michael Kriesel's collected short poems, Feeding My Heart to the Wind, will be releasing the second impression of Richard Krech's Rumors of Electricity in early May, and publisher David McNamara has been invited to serve on the Advisory Board of the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative.

08 April 2008
Poet Hound has published an interview with Hosho McCreesh, whose sunnyoutside title will be released mid-year. Also, due to the popularity of the Jason Tandon special, we'll be extending it through the end of April as part of National Poetry Month and will also add other combinations in the coming days.

05 April 2008
ArtVoice has just published a nice review of Breaking it Down by Rusty Barnes. Also, we're currently accepting pre-orders for the third impression of Michael Kriesel's Feeding My Heart to the Wind.

03 April 2008
What to Wear During An Orange Alert? has just published a nice interview with Rusty Barnes about Breaking it Down and his writing process.

01 April 2008
Laurel Reed Books has published a nice little review of My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses, as has Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene.

24 March 2008
Wee Hour Martyrdom and My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses are now available, and nicely represent our spectrum of work
—from trade paperback to fine press chapbook that was entirely hand-set with lead type. And if you're a Tandon fan, be sure to check the specials. Also, Rusty Barnes has a new interview up at Sex, Food, and Writing, and a big thanks to everyone who stopped by during the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair.

19 March 2008
Between preparing the releases of Wee Hour Martyrdom by Jason Tandon and My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses by Christopher Fritton and getting ready for the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair we managed to get a few new postcards printed, by Jason Heroux, Ed Herrera, Brian McGettrick, Robert L. Penick, and Rebecca Schumejda. Hopefully more to come soon.

12 March 2008
We our pleased to announce that pre-orders are currently being accepted for our next two books: the paperback Wee Hour Martyrdom by Jason Tandon and the letterpress-printed chapbook My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses by Christopher Fritton.

29 February 2008
Richard Krech's In Chambers earned the leadoff spot in the East Bay Express's roundup of books.

21 February 2008
The end of February is rounding out to be a heck of a month for us: we're releasing In Chambers by Richard Krech a week from today, there are quite a few readings by sunnyoutside authors this week (more information in the Calendar), and we're currently finishing the printing for Christopher Fritton's My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses.

31 January 2008
We are now accepting pre-orders for Richard Krech's next paperback of poetry, In Chambers: The Bodhisattva for the Public Defender's Office. Also, Teaching Metaphors by Nathan Graziano pulled in an insightful review on the blog 18 Miles.

27 January 2008
Two new reviews in: by Main Street Rag on Doug Holder's No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain and Bookmunch on Rusty Barnes's Breaking it Down.

25 January 2008
A new review of Breaking it Down by Sex, Food, and Writing just came in, and there are a ton of new readings listed in the calendar.

09 January 2008
We are proud to be sponsoring this year's Buffalo Small Press Fair. Also, the WNYBAC workshops we are participating in got a little press in Buffalo Rising.

04 January 2008
Happy New Year! Hope everyone's 2008 is off to as good a start as ours is: The Short Review just published a rather nice review of Breaking it Down as well as a nice interview with Rusty.

27 December 2007
Nathan Graziano's Teaching Metaphors was honored by The Hippo as it was named 2007's Best Local Collection. Congratulations to Nathan.

22 December 2007
Our sale is now over, and we're wrapping things up until 2008. We wish everyone a happy and safe end of 2007
—see you next year.

09 December 2007
Xujun Eberlein wrote a wonderful review of Rusty Barnes's Breaking it Down on her blog Inside-Out China and also interviewed him.

04 December 2007
Second Story in Syracuse is now carrying some of our titles, including The Sea Never Drowns by Jason Heroux and Diminishing Returns by Karl Koweski, both of which were recently reviewed in a nice write-up by Toronto's MONDOmagazine. Why not buy both and get a free book? (See entry below.)

01 December 2007
Call it a year-end sale, or a present-buying bonus, or a birthday celebration (don't ask), but we're going to call it three weeks of three-for-two: Buy any two books or chapbooks and get a third one free. We're also having buy one, get one free on broadsides and mini-chaps, too. Offer details can be found here.

26 November 2007
A few new reviews to mention: two of Breaking it Down by Doug Holder and Maryanne Stahl and one of The Sea Never Drowns by Aleathia Drehmer.

20 November 2007
It's been a good couple of days for Breaking it Down by Rusty Barnes: the book was mentioned in The Morning News and Doug Holder's interview of Rusty was listed as a selected community media clipping.

19 November 2007
A few nice reviews to talk about: The Sea Never Drowns by Jason Heroux in Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene; Teaching Metaphors by Nathan Graziano in Rattle; and No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain by Doug Holder in Midwest Book Review Bookwatch. Also, Doug Holder's interview of Rusty Barnes was published in The Somerville News.

08 November 2007
Today we are releasing our first trade paperback of fiction
Breaking it Down by Rusty Barnes. We would also like to welcome Old Editions Book Shop in Buffalo and Novel Idea in Kingston, Ontario to the list of bookstores carrying our books.

21 October 2007
Breaking it Down, a paperback of flash fiction by Night Train editor Rusty Barnes, will be our next title. It's scheduled for a November 8 release date, but pre-orders are currently being accepted. And Front&Centre just published a rather flattering review of our previous fiction title, Modern Love by Andrew Scott. A snippet from the review: "
Andrew Scott's Modern Love is the type of short story that I like—it is spare, succint, has great pace and dialogue, yet the story's undercurrent (that which is not written but is there nonetheless) makes this short fiction feel more like a novel."

18 October 2007
Today we released The Sea Never Drowns by Ontario writer Jason Heroux. It's a collection of surreal humanist poetry that is both delightfully quirky and grounded in the reality of daily life, and also features cover art by San Diego artist Doni Conner and felt papers.

15 October 2007
Doug Holder recently interviewed Rusty Barnes on Poet to Poet: Writer to Writer and has posted a transcript on his blog. We will release Rusty's book Breaking it Down on November 8.

14 October 2007
We will release The Sea Never Drowns by Jason Heroux on 18 October 2007; pre-orders are being accepted now.
Also, The Guild of Outsider Writers has published a nice review of Christopher Cunningham's Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm. Finally, we'll have a table at Toronto's Canzine; if you're in the neighborhood, swing by and say hello.

01 October 2007
We finally received our July-August issue of Small Press Review. It was nice to read the review of Doug Holder's No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain in print, and we were also delighted to see that Teaching Metaphors by Nathan Graziano was listed as a July-Aug Pick.

29 September 2007
What to Wear During an Orange Alert? has just published an interview with Karl Koweski. Previously, we were remiss to report, they also interviewed Christopher Cunningham. Diminishing Returns and Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm are discussed in each, respectively.

25 September 2007
Last night I decided to check out what Powell's had listed for their featured small press titles. Among officially being busted for not having looked recently, I am also quite flattered: Of the 52 books featured, we have four
Rumble Strip by Jason Tandon, Rumors of Electricity by Richard Krech, Diminishing Returns by Karl Koweski, and Teaching Metaphors by Nathan Graziano. And speaking of Teaching Metaphors, Graziano will be discussing and reading from it at 6:30 p.m. tonight on New Hampshire Public Radio.

19 September 2007
Many thanks for the many submissions we received during our open submissions
—and also for the postcards. We sent out three postcard packs today for the best postcards and will begin reading through the submissions soon. Also, Nathan Graziano has filled in our calendar a bit with a few big readings upcoming in support of Teaching Metaphors. And finally, Rust Belt Books (Buffalo, New York) is carrying all of our books and Broadside Bookshop (Northampton, Massachusetts) is now stocking Jason Tandon's Rumble Strip.

09 September 2007
A couple of reviews to report: the first review of Karl Koweski's Diminishing Returns in The Guild of Outsider Writers and one of Doug Holder's No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain in Small Press Review.

06 September 2007
It's an exciting day: Diminishing Returns, by Karl Koweski, our first title with a Buffalo imprint, is being released today. Also, the University of Pittsburgh is now purchasing and archiving all of our full-length titles.

29 August 2007
We are proud to announce that our first release to have "Buffalo, New York" beneath the imprint is Diminishing Returns by Karl Koweski. To be released September 6, pre-orders are currently being accepted.

25 August 2007
We've landed in Buffalo and, after some computer mishaps, are setting up office. While we were gone Nathan Graziano's Teaching Metaphors got quite a bit of press—a nice review ran in the Concord Monitor. The Nashua Telegraph also ran the review.

15 August 2007
Teaching Metaphors by Nathan Graziano is now being stocked at Brookline Booksmith and Trident Booksellers & Cafe. Brookline Booksmith is also carrying Jason Tandon's Rumble Strip. Soon we will be in Buffalo and shortly after that we will have some delightful new books coming your way.

11 August 2007
Sunnyoutside is moving: check the new address on the masthead. To celebrate—and fill that primal urge to have mail overflowing from our P.O. Box—we are having one of our rare open submission periods. We're looking for up to six poems; all entries must be postmarked August 2007 and follow the submission guidelines. Also, all postcards sent in August will be entered to win a sunnyoutside postcard pack—and there might be additional winners for best postcard and best stamp, so show us the love.

03 August 2007
Via Doug Holder today we found out that The Grolier Poetry Book Shop currently has two sunnyoutside titles displayed in their front window—Rumors of Electricity by Richard Krech and So Much Is Burning by William Taylor Jr. Congratulations to both writers.

02 August 2007
The Hippo has published a very nice review of Teaching Metaphors, giving it an "A" rating. Among the more savory nuggets: "It's a powerful book, as fine a collection of working-class poetry as anything Carl Sandburg's 'Big Shoulders' could have concocted has Sandburg been a teacher."

23 July 2007
The Elliott Bay Book Company is now carrying both Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm by Christopher Cunningham and Teaching Metaphors by Nathan Graziano. Speaking of the latter, The Somerville News has ran a review of the book and Graziano's Writers in the Round interview has been archived for download.

23 July 2007
Small Press Review ran a review of Andrew Scott's Modern Love in their May-June 2007 issue.

17 July 2007
McIntyre and Moore Booksellers in Davis Square (Somerville, Massachusetts) is now carrying all of our chapbooks and books. Looking for somewhere closer to you? Check out our map of bookstores carrying sunnyoutside titles.

14 July 2007
The Grolier Poetry Book Shop in Harvard Square (Cambridge, Massachusetts) is now carrying all of our poetry chapbooks and books.

10 July 2007
A review by Hugh Fox of Doug Holder's No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain has been published in the Wildnerness House Literary Review #2. A direct link to the PDF is here.

08 July 2007
Three independent bookstores in New Hampshire are now carrying Teaching Metaphors by Nathan Graziano: Gibson's in Concord, RiverRun in Portsmouth, and Water Street in Exeter. RiverRun and Water Street are also both carrying Thunderbird by Alexander Parsons and Rumble Strip by Jason Tandon and Water Street is also carrying No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain by Doug Holder. To find a bookstore near you that supports independent presses, check out the Google map we've created.

04 July 2007
Doug Holder has written a nice review of Teaching Metaphors. Both that title and Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm are also now available from City Lights in San Francisco.

29 June 2007
We are pleased to relay the information that Jason Tandon's Give Over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt—from which Rumble Strip was excerpted—has won the St. Lawrence Book Award. A round of applause for Jason, indeed.

24 June 2007
Today's Nashua Telegraph has a little article on Nathan Graziano and Teaching Metaphors in it.

17 June 2007
A quick note to mention that Teaching Metaphors by Nathan Graziano is now available from Powell's and Borders and Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm by Christopher Cunningham is also available from Powell's.

08 June 2007
Teaching Metaphors by Nathan Graziano was released yesterday. Nate's first reading since the release will be June 16 in New Paltz, New York with Rebecca Schumejda, who will read from Dream Big, Work Harder (more information in the calendar).

31 May 2007
What to Wear During an Orange Alert? has published an interview with Christopher Cunningham in which Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm is discussed.

29 May 2007
Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk and/or buy some books at the Toronto Small Press Book Fair this Saturday past; we had a good time. Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm by Christopher Cunningham was released on May 24 and Nathan Graziano's Teaching Metaphors will be released June 7—and is currently somewhat discounted at Amazon.com.

21 May 2007
This week will be a big one for us. On Thursday we will release Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm by Christopher Cunningham, a beauty of a book complete with a letterpress-printed cover hand-painted by the author in a limited edition of 100. Plus, pre-orders will be shipped a signed copy. On Saturday we will have a table at the Toronto Small Press Book Fair, and sometime this week we'll be sending Nathan Graziano's Teaching Metaphors (also available for pre-order) to the printer.

27 April 2007
We just found out that the Wausau Daily Herald ran this story on Michael Kriesel (complete with a poem from Feeding My Heart to the Wind in it) in their Sunday, March 25, 2007 edition. Kriesel also has a full weekend ahead—he'll be reading both at the Wisconsin Fellowship of Writers conference in Appleton, Wisconsin April 27 & 28 and at Barnes & Noble in Madison, Wisconsin April 39.

26 April 2007
News galore! Today is the release of No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain by Doug Holder and the second impression of Michael Kriesel's Feeding My Heart to the Wind. Holder will read tonight in Somerville, Massachusetts, and Richard Krech will read Saturday in Sacramento, California (consult the calendar for more details on both). Also, we've printed the third of our letterpress-printed postcards—this one by William Taylor Jr. Like the others, it is available in limited quantities for $1.

05 April 2007
There's exciting news at sunnyoutside: after acquiring a Craftsmen Superior a few months ago, the rollers for the press have finally arrived and we've run off a couple editions that are part of our evolving postcard project. In worlds-colliding excitment, we're also on the verge of releasing our next title—Rumble Strip by Jason Tandon. Since one of the poems from his book is also one of the postcards in the forthcoming project, we'll send a copy of the letterpress-printed postcard broadsheet to everyone who signs up to our mailing list in the month of April (with the ever-so-wee catch that there's an advertisement for the book on the reverse side). (If you really want one without the advertisement on the back, you can order one here.)

12 March 2007
The Winter 2007 issue of Blind Man's Rainbow came in and we were flattered to rece
ive 2½ mentions. Sherosky writes of Dream Big, Work Harder by Rebecca Schumejda: "Schumejda makes the beauty of common situations tangible. Worth the $10 and then some." Of Rumors of Electricity by Richard Krech she writes: "...the poems inside are certainly something new for those of us who read poetry regularly. The collection has a fresh feel for that reason, complimenting its classy layout." And the ½ goes to the review of Other Investigations, which sunnyoutside publisher David McNamara was involved with.

05 March 2007
Červená Barva Press has ran an interview with sunnyoutside publisher David McNamara in their March newsletter. Also, Rebecca Schumejda's reading of selected work from Dream Big, Work Harder at the NYC Small Press Fair has been posted online; click here for the link to the video. News on forthcoming books by Christopher Cunningham, Jason Tandon, and Michael Kriesel to follow soon.

23 February 2007
We're quite flattered to have another title be a featured pick by Small Press Review
—this time Rumors of Electricity by Richard Krech in the January-February 2007 issue. Also, Free Verse ran a thorough and interesting review of Feeding My Heart to the Wind by Michael Kriesel in which students of Lakeland College examined the book. Filled with praise, the last line of the review best sums up the tone: "Kriesel says what we have always wanted to say, but never quite could." Finally, a few new readings have been added to the calendar.

11 February 2007
A couple items in the papers
—Richard Krech's reading on Monday in the Berkeley Daily Planet and the celebration of Somerville small presses on 2/19 in the Somerville Journal.

22 January 2007
The first two reviews of Richard Krech's Rumors of Electricity are in. The first, by Hugh Fox and published on Doug Holder's Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, says that "Here in Rumors of Electricity [Krech] is the perfect guide into cultures and worlds that have been totally distorted by recent political events." The other review is by Christopher Harter and appears in the current issue of Bathtub Gin. His reviews closes: "In reviewing a book, I try to balance praise and suggestions for improvement. With Krech's Rumors, I am hard-pressed to do the latter and simply say this is a book to definitely add to your collection." The book has also been listed as one of three "Best New Poetry Collections by Lawyers in 2006" by James R. Elkins.

14 January 2007
Rebecca Schumejda's Dream Big, Work Harder is finally available through Amazon.com (and we've also put up a direct link to order it from Powell's). Doug Holder has transcribed excerpts of his interview with Nathan Graziano, available here. Small Press Review ran an edited version of Charles P. Ries's review of So Much Is Burning by William Taylor Jr. (and FireWeed ran the full version). The ULA Book Review Blog also ran the long version, as well as a new review of Modern Love by Andrew Scott. Plus we have a few new events listed in the calendar. Enjoy.

09 January 2007
Happy New Year! Today we found out that we received an arts grant from the Somerville Arts Council, so look forward to our first non-fiction title sometime this year. Tomorrow Nathan Graziano will discuss Honey, I'm Home and other things on Somerville Community Access Television. And we've finally updated the fine independent booksellers from which you can buy our three most recent titles (Dream Big, Work Harder by Rebecca Schumejda, Rumors of Electricity by Richard Krech, and Modern Love by Andrew Scott—whose neat little feature in Indianapolis Monthly we've also uploaded).

09 December 2006
The Nineteenth Annual Small Press Fair in New York City was a roaring time—we met a lot of great people and Rebecca Schumejda's reading was a great success. In fact, ForeWord editor at large Eugene Schwartz liked it so much that he bought a copy of Dream Big, Work Harder. Imagine our delight when their December 6 ForeWord This Week newsletter came out and he named it an editor's pick, writing: "This short book of striking poetry by a Kingston, NY area poet, uses words as they were intended to be used, combined in such a way as to create pictures of life and work and relationship that we can recognize—and yet so original and direct that you will turn the pages eagerly curious about the next."

25 October 2006
Pittsburgh was a good time. We'd like to thank Unicorn Mountain for putting on Tomb of the Spy Magicians. It was a good first showing and we look forward to seeing them grow.

18 October 2006
Feeding My Heart to the Wind by Michael Kriesel was listed as a Sept-Oct Pick by Small Press Review.

09 October 2006
We're proud to list the following bookstores to the roll call of places that carry our books: Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, Massachusetts; St. Mark's Bookshop in New York City; and Trident Booksellers on Newbury Street in Boston.

21 September 2006
Michael Kriesel's Feeding My Heart to the Wind is currently being taught by Karl Elder in his Advanced Poetry Writing class at Lakeland College in Wisconsin.

05 September 2006
So Much Is Burning has been listed in "New & Noteworthy Books" by NewPages.com. The review/interview Charles P. Ries wrote on the book has also been picked up a few additional places—in Barking Dogs #2 and forthcoming in 5_Trope and poeticdiversity. Iconoclast #93 also mentioned William Taylor Jr., but this time the mini-chap As the Days and Hours Pass, calling it "an imaginatively presented trio of poems." They also list Jason Heroux's The Morning Light and comments that "[sunnyoutside's] work seen thus far is reader-friendly and approachable."

21 August 2006
A quick thank you to a few newspapers for finding space in their pages to mention us: The Journal & Courier of Indiana for running a piece on Ed Herrera, who did the artwork for Modern Love (try our .pdf if the link no longer works); The Wausau Daily Herald for mentioning the release of Feeding My Heart to the Wind by Michael Kriesel; and The Somerville News for printing Doug Holder's review of Feeding My Heart to the Wind.

03 May 2006
In addition to City Lights in San Francisco, Porter Square Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts and The Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Washington now also carries some of our titles. We graciously add them to the list of independent booksellers whom we are proud to have our books sold by.

27 April 2006
Word Riot recently published an interview with Charles Nevsimal of Centennial Press by Charles P. Ries. The interview is worth the read on its own merit, but of our particular interest is that Nevsimal, who is quite the publisher himself, said this about three of our writers: "I'll say, without a doubt, three of the best voices in the vast world of small press poetry are William Taylor Jr., justin.barrett, and John Sweet." That's nice and all, but try this one out: "Nathan Graziano is another who's really come into his own. His book, Honey, I'm Home, is one of the best chapbooks I've ever read." Thanks to Charles for the kind words, and the other Charles for such a good interview.

10 February 2006
Alexander Parson's interview at the University of New Hampshire's Authors' Series has been edited and broadcast on New Hampshire Public Television's NH Outlook. You can view the show online here.

10 January 2006
A short while ago we received our Autumn 2005 issue of The Blind Man's Rainbow, who had some mighty nice stuff to say about us. And we quote: "Indeed, I recently got a letter with a huge pack of stuff—chapbooks, individual illustrated poems, and more. All of it is fantastically done. It is some of the best stuff coming out of the small press right now." Color us flattered. (We will post excerpts from the reviews that follow throughout the rest of the month.)

04 January 2006
Select sunnyoutside titles are now being carried by Powell's, the legendary independent bookstore based in Portland, Oregon. Currently available from them are Thunderbird by Alexander Parsons and Honey, I'm Home and "A Paper Ark" by Nathan Graziano.

08 October 2005
The Midwesterner has published a long interview with Michael Kriesel, and somewhere in there—Part Six, I think it is—the broadside of his poetry and Claudio Parentela's work that we published is mentioned. (It's still available in the catalogue.) (Since Part Three doesn't seem to link to Part Four, you can find Parts Four and on here.)

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