Sunnyoutside only reads unsolicited submissions during specified windows. These opportunities to submit your work will be posted in the News portion of our website. Submissions received outside of these periods without prior arrangement with the publisher will not be read nor responded to.

When responding to these calls for submissions, please also follow the following guidelines:

  • submissions must be postmarked by the last day of the submission window
  • submissions must not exceed the number of titles/pages requested
  • all submissions and inquiries must contain an SASE for response
    • we will only respond to the extent that the postage on your SASE is sufficient (i.e., if there is not enough to cover the return of your submission, you will only receive correspondence from us)
  • submissions must be sent to us by post to the address on the masthead (see top of page)

Any violation of the above will result in your submission not being read nor responded to (we are, after all, looking for authors who pay attention to details).

While not required, we also suggest that you:

  • be familiar with our work and have a clear understanding of why you would like to work with us
  • include a cover letter explaining your interest in our press
  • include a brief biography

The vast majority of work we publish is solicited. If you would like to make your work familiar to us, we do gladly accept copies of published titles. No SASE is required as correspondence will only be instigated if we choose to solicit more work from you; however, general inquiries should include an SASE. Such submissions should also be sent to the address on the masthead.

Please also note that mainly due to the increased cost of shipping and distribution logistics, we primarily work only with U.S.-based authors.