Below is an alphabetical listing of the artists we have published work by and/or are currently working with:

Doni Conner
Doni was commissioned to illustrate the cover of The Sea Never Drowns by Jason Heroux.

Christopher Cunningham
Christopher has added a unique touch to the cover of every copy of his collection of poems Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm.

Nathan Graziano
As well as penning one of our most critically praised books, Nathan also painted the cover image use in Rebecca Schumejda's Dream Big, Work Harder.

Ed Herrera
Ed created the art for Rebecca Schumejda's paperbackl Falling Forward. He also created the cover art for No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain by Doug Holder and the art for our second work of fiction, Modern Love by Andrew Scott. A letterpress-printed postcard featuring his art is also available.

Rich Kegler
Rich designed the cover of Tim Horvath's Circulation and also co-designed Nathan Graziano's broadsheet Crash.

Kevin Charles Kline
Kevin created the art used for Hosho McCreesh's For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed..., Lawrence Millman's Going Home, and B.J. Best's State Sonnets.

Chelsea Martin
Chelsea did the cover art for Swimming Back by Taylor Altman.

David McNamara
In addition to designing all of sunnyoutside's titles, David took the photograph used for the cover of Nathan Graziano's book Teaching Metaphors.

David Munson
Munson contributed the artwork to America Plops and Fizzes.

Anne Muntges
Anne designed and silk-screened the cover of Michael Kriesel's book Moths Mail the House.

Claudio Parentela
Claudio created illustrations for each of the three poems in Michael Kriesel's "Three Poems."

Stephanie Pratt
We used Stephanie's photograph for the cover of Breaking it Down by Rusty Barnes.

Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian created six original woodcuts for Alexander Parson's Thunderbird and also contributed the linocut used on the cover of Michael Kriesel's Feeding My Heart to the Wind (now in its second impression).

Erin Ruttan
Erin shot the cover photographs for both William Taylor Jr.'s The Hunger Season and Nathan Graziano's After the Honeymoon.

William Taylor Jr.
William's paperback of poetry So Much Is Burning features four of his photographs.

Kimberly Tentor
We commissioned Kimberly for the photograph used in John Sweet's broadside "ruined machine."

Kseniya Thomas
Kseniya designed and printed the cover of Richard Krech's Rumors of Electricity. Previously she printed the cover of Modern Love by Andrew Scott and also hand-stitched that book's binding.

Abigail Uhteg
The hand-stitched binding of Thunderbird was done by Abigail. She also assisted in the letterpress printing of Adrian's woodcuts for this title.

David Woodson
In addition to the cover of Honey, I'm Home, David illustrated justin.barrett's broadside"The President, a criminal and a chimpanzee walk into a bar...." and also did the mechanical drawings used in Nathan Graziano's mini-chap "A Paper Ark."