Diminishing Returns
poems by Karl Koweski

"Fiberglass Dinosaurs"

The frozen monstrosities
hulk in the Tennessee woods
like junkyard Camaros.

It’s the prehistoric world
as envisioned by Dr. Seuss.

red dinosaur
blue dinosaur
one dinosaur
two dinosaurs

Fiberglass dinosaurs languish
in the mid-July heat.
Giant toy reptiles consort
regardless of Mesozoic period.

Deep time is an illusion
in the reality of the moment.

My family and I stand
in the shadow of a forty-foot-
tall Tyrannosaurus Rex
shellacked into PBS subjugation.

My wife views
Dinosaur World
as a chance to exercise
her legs after
a four-hour drive.

My daughter sees it
as another experience
to relate to her
grade school friends.

For me it’s another
wasted fifty dollars,
another bead on a
vacational string
of wasted fifty dollars.

My three-year-old son
sees a vast panorama
of gorgeous dangers,
cartoon dreams come to life,
the most awesome beasts
the world has ever offered
tamed only by his father’s presence.

And that alone
makes everything worthwhile.