Diminishing Returns
poems by Karl Koweski

"Koweski's brutally honest take on life, wife, sex, debauchery, and children (naturally) is smart and witty. Whether the poetic tales are fact or fable, one never questions the existence of that person or moment somewhere in this world or somewhere in time. Notable in the collection is the title poem, "Diminishing Returns", which describes the juxtaposition of the past and present of a Wild West theme town, and of a boy's naiveté and man's cynicism.."

"Mr. Koweski clearly enjoys telling stories, and he is good at it. In Diminishing Returns, most of the poems involve a narrative structure: a family road trip, an interaction between lovers or friends, an anecdote about the foibles of child-raising. These are not philosophical forays, nor art objects concerned with their own beauty. Rather, they are snapshots of people’s lives, full of humor and an offbeat view of our daily experience. ... He writes of the ugly, the ridiculous, the absurd, and the disturbing. We should all have such bravery."
Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

"i received this last week, really dug it. every one loves a good story & karl is good at telling them, it's rare to find a poet that can pull off humor like he does. i found myself chuckling out loud a good handful of times while reading this. i even went on to share a few of the pieces with my better half who isn't as concerned with poetry as i, he really enjoyed them, so there you go. david over at sunnyoutside press never disappoints!"
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