Our pricing is subjective to each client and their needs, but our aim is to work within the means of DIY and micro press projects. Our basic shop rate is $20–30 an hour, depending on the scope of the project, but we won't nickel and dime you on expenses.

For example, for a letterpress-printed job, the plate and paper would be billed at cost and the other consumables (ink, oil, tympan, et cetera) are all part of the shop rate. For digital text printing, it's cost for the paper and 5¢ an impression for most pages. No surprises.

The average price for manuscript editing is about $1 per poem and $3 per page (12 pt., double-spaced) for prose. Copyediting will likely be less. Proofreading less yet.

Drop us a line at david(at)sunnyoutside.com describing your needs and project(s) in detail, including any budget restrictions, and we'll give you an accurate idea of what we can do and what it might cost.