I have been working in the publishing industry nearly my entire adult life, having worked for organizations from small zines to large corporations.

Some of my former and current employers and clients include: P22, Keyhole Magazine and Press, Houghton Mifflin, Prentice Hall, CancerSource, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Seattle Publishing, Amazon.com, Silver Wonder Press, Willows Wept Press, and World Travel Holdings. And, of course, I have worked on each and every sunnyoutside title.

Some of our most recent work has included letterpress-printing a poem on a coaster; editing a type speciment book; designing, printing, and binding custom small chapbooks with a hand-stitched binding; designing and printing a letterpress-printed calling card; designing logos for a photography book; editing a fine press booklet; designing letterhead; and editing, designing, printing, and binding many, many books.


"We've done several projects together and no one's as devoted to the twin crafts of writing and printing as David McNamara." —Michael Kriesel, poet & reviewer

"Although it's become trite to say 'every writer needs an editor,' there's also an elemental truth behind it. For writers in need, David McNamara is a fine, fine editor. He makes me look better than I actually am. As a writer, you can't ask for more than that." —Nathan Graziano, author

"In addition to teaching me to avoid $4 poteen shots, David McNamara did a fabulous job on my projects!!! I highly recommend the dude." —Chris Gibson, Silver Wonder Press