poems by Sarah Boyer

“These pages are haunted by what is lost of intimate history, or health, the fragments rushing round us in golden fields. I love how they gather and scatter, gather and scatter, by the poet’s hand.”
—Eleni Sikelianos, author of Body Clock

“In this book we learn we are doing what we can / with the list we’ve been given. We witness 'life itself' and we see that 'to live' is 'not bad.' We catch emphatic glimpses of something to hold onto, something to give our attention to, then for a while there is less to hold, then there is more, and then nothing again but bits and pieces. It is a lot like life. Sarah Boyer’s found a way to tell us how we might approach the unapproachable, howard is a new way with a generous invitation, an offer to any one of us that says, here, look at this, you might as well do something like it with your life.”
—Dara Wier, author of You Good Thing