The Blood of a Tourist
poems by William Taylor Jr.

"When one finds a collection of poems with true gravitas—
unforced, imaginative, passionately lyrical, and culled-down to essentials—it is a cause for celebration. In The Blood of a Tourist, William Taylor Jr. gives his all, delivers the whole ball game, and tells us a lot about why it is still necessary to see from the level of the streets into the hearts of people.”
—Neeli Cherkovski, author of Bending Light

"[Taylor] plants word seeds into the fertile soil of the human condition and spirit, words that bleed with honesty. He is not concerned in clothing his poems with metaphors, but instead reaches for the stars camped inside the human heart.”
—A.D. Winans, author of
On My Way to Becoming a Man

The poems of The Blood of a Tourist are born of a city and its people. They examine the beauty and terror of urban life, unearthing the stories from the lives of the lost, extracting, in the words of Baudelaire, “the eternal from the ephemeral.”