Instructions for the Orgy
poetry by Jeffrey Hecker

"Can a collection of poems purporting to provide ‘Instructions for the Orgy’ live up to its own promise? It can if you understand, as Hecker does, that our current circumstances may be best examined as an orgy of absolute directives both held together and separated by slabs of language and allusions to the orgiastic excesses waiting to be found in COBRA insurance, the Indiana Pacers, Judge Judy, and—of course—New Jersey itself. Come a little closer. You’ve been warned.”
—Erica Berheim, author of The Mimic Sea

“Jeffrey Hecker’s Instructions for the Orgy are instructions that will surprise as he counts to ten numbering pink tricycle parts, maypoles, and woodsheds. Yes, woodsheds. These are commands we’re told to attend to like ‘arrange mattresses in the global position,’ and statements we accept like ‘I don’t want a repeat of 2007.’ Who does? Who knows, but Hecker instructs in this tightly packed orgy of poems that leaves the reader titillated, alluded, amused.”
—Laura Madeline Wiseman, author of Sprung and Stranger Still