Box Cutters
short fiction by Samuel Snoek-Brown

"The familiar-made-wonderfully-strange image of a ventriloquist’s dummy is just one of the many moments that has stayed with me from Sam Snoek-Brown’s Box Cutters. So too has the image of multicolored bruises, those of the body, ego, and heart. Bruises make us tender, make us hurt. Bruises simultaneously resist and seek out contact, just like the wounded and wandering spirits from these stories.”
—Ethel Rohan, author of Goodnight Nobody

“Three writers meet at a bar: Stephen Dixon, Fielding Dawson, and Richard Brautigan. Let’s write six stories, they say (after quite a few cocktails), six really, really short stories, and they did, and here those stories are, under the unlikely nom de plume Sam Snoek-Brown.”
—Bill Roorbach, author of Big Bend and Life Among Giants