Our Rarer Monsters
poetry by Noel Sloboda
featuring art by Marc Snyder

"Noel Sloboda's Our Rarer Monsters revivifies fairy tale and myth with its marvelous monsterology. Here rests a richly strange cabinet of poetic curiosities, where, side by side, one finds diatribes from Grendel's unheard-of wife and crocodilian love songs. Readers, be forewarned: these are prose poems which will make prank rubber snakes come dangerously alive in your pockets, that will lead you to grieve over blind rabbits named Homer, that will allow you to have vicarious love affairs with the lamia!"
—Matt Schumacher, editor of Phantom Drift

“People = strange monsters, and this Bates Motel–like trap of a book is where they go to die. Marc Snyder’s visionary art lends more sizzle to the slippery eels of Sloboda’s impressive word circus.”
—Richard Peabody, editor of Gargoyle Magazine

"Noel Sloboda's Our Rarer Monsters dazzles and provokes with poems that tell of "strangers seeking rot" and "crooked routes the limbs take toward sunlight." Sloboda's rarer monsters can be anything and anyone--from Baba Yaga to Xanthippe, from Cerberus to a man named Glen Forney. I kept coming back to Sloboda's poems and to Marc Snyder’s exquisite linocuts included in this utterly winning book. Here is a poetry collection not to be missed for its audacity and verve."
—Kristine Ong Muslim, author of We Bury the Landscape

“In Noel Sloboda’s Our Rarer Monsters, witty revampings of myth, folklore, and canonical literature sizzle alongside memory pieces that distill or reinvent personal history with linguistic precision and allegorical zest. This is a world of delicious intertextualities, bold imaginings, and subtle music.”
—Mihaela Moscaliuc, author of Father Dirt