Split Personality
poetry by Karla Huston and Cathryn Cofell

"Smart and razor-sharp, Split Personality is a surprisingly rich collection that functions both as playful erotica and a critique of our worldly culture of impulsivity and instant gratification."
Cambridge Book Review Press

What comes of one bag of licorice, four cups of coffee, radio-free Iowa, and six hours of nothing but rural-route road-tripping? Meet Thigh. This feisty female’s got a love-sick heart, a lumpy bod, and an evil twin she can’t shake. In Split Personality, award-winning poets Cathryn Cofell and Karla Huston blend their voices into one glorious, giggly and sometimes jiggly exploration of the trappings that often define and defy today’s woman.

“They up the ante, line-by-line, poem-by-poem, dismantling the expected and building wild poems. Their work employs a joyful gravity and a playful wisdom. Don’t let the title Split Personality fool you—Huston and Cofell have developed a highly integrated voice!”
—Denise Duhamel, author of Ka-Ching!

“How deliciously ironic that two poets should together explore the contrary ideas of doubleness and brokenness—‘the chilled walls of want and need,’ a makeup girl and a movie star, Venus de Milo with her missing parts…”
—Diane Lockward, author of What Feeds Us

“From the exquisite pairing of Cathryn Cofell and Karla Huston arises an everywoman named Thigh: half ‘queen bed rocker,’ half ‘queen-sized support hose.’ For once, stop trying to hold yourself together: these poems will cleave you.”
—B.J. Best, author of State Sonnets