poetry by Micah Ling

With an historian's perspective and a journalist's eye, Micah Ling surveys the oppression of America's indigenous people and the imposition of the United States government upon them. These inequalities are then used to draw parallels to the current Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and subsequent crimes and inequity. Set in two acts with two casts of characters, from Marlon Brando to Leonard Peltier to Banksy, Settlement cries out against injustices while celebrating the human will to persevere.

“Micah Ling’s haunting, unsettling Settlement maps the distance between native America and Palestine, bringing together the voices and witness of ordinary and extraordinary people struggling under conditions of colonialism and despair. These are compassionate poems of testimony and survival. To quote the end of ‘Reservation’: ‘you don’t/just hear it, you are/all the way in it. You are/stretched thin, You are/beaten again, You are/locked in, and booming.’”
—Philip Metres, author of To See the Earth

“Using a number of voices and poetic strategies, Micah Ling’s Settlement is a book that, as Robert Hayden put it, is ‘visioning a world where none is lonely, none hunted, alien.’ In other words, a world in which we all might be, finally, at home.”
—Ross Gay, author of Bringing the Shovel Down