Next Analog Broadcast
poetry by Charly "the city mouse" Fasano

"Next Analog Broadcast is a collection of poetry from Charly Fasano who offers a fine assortment of poetry with a strong message of technology and humanity. Next Analog Broadcast is a fine read that shouldn't be overlooked."
Midwest Book Review

"The tiny, pocket-sized volume...collects poems, that despite in some cases being as short as a few lines, manage to convey novels’ worth of story. ... It’s rare that I want to read poetry, much less do so repeatedly, but Fasano’s work has kept this slim work nearby ever since it came in the mail last week, and I’ve been picking it up and returning to my favorite pieces again and again, enjoying the wordplay involved."
Rock Star Journalist

Next Analog Broadcast is a collection of poems set in the moments following the final shifts from analog to digital media. It is an exploration of everyday situations and observations by characters attempting to find their place in a society driven by automated convenience. Next Analog Broadcast is the story of the human condition in an isolating and ever-changing digital culture that extends the assumption that ultra-reality and high-definition are the only ways to document life experiences and share information.

“Listening to [Fasano] is like listening to one of your smartest, most interesting friends tell stories about the weird shit they’ve done. Except Fasano doesn’t hem and haw. By nature of being poems, his stories focus on all the right details and wrap up before you’re ready.”
The Pitch

“Fasano’s words are steeped in the type of whiskey-soaked, old-school authenticity that false fashion-Bukowskis strive for.”

“Fasano isn’t trying to be poetic. It just happens.”
Denver Post

Named as New & Noteworthy by NewPages.

Named a Sept–Oct Pick at Small Press Review.

"If you are not familiar with the city mouse, you should be. He’s a local treasure who writes gorgeous, thought-provoking poems, mostly about our fair city."
The Donnybrook Writing Academy