America Plops and Fizzes
poetry by Andrew Rihn and
artwork by David Munson

"America Plops and Fizzes is the kind of curious wee oddity that I think would appeal (a great deal) to a certain kind of reader. Fans of Crumb might dig it. Fans of Kerouac might dig it. Fans of books that use the phrase ‘dig it’ might dig it. If you fall into any of these categories, you’ll want to search this out."

"These are momentary observations that cut deep into something strange, dark, and at times unnoticed. It is a collection to read again and again as you contrast Rihn's little statements and questions against the dark world of politics that Munson creates."
What to Wear During an Orange Alert?

When Jack Kerouac deviated from the traditional haiku form, he began calling his poems “pops.” Andrew Rihn deviates even further, to the edge of formlessness, adding a new entry into the rubric of “American pops.” With short, sudden flashes, the reader is given glimpses of pop culture—the celebrity, the sloganeering, the fetishism. These poems remind us that we are all tethered to something dark, violent, and absurd that lies hidden below the surface of late capitalism.

“In this volume, Rihn serves us our Beetle Bailey, our logo-stamped litter, our caffeine and alcohol, then stops us a minute and challenges us to find creativity in echoes. These poems connect us to our environment—digitized, commodified, and frenetic—and, by acknowledging its contradictions, bring us back to each other.”
—Allen Hines, author of Screaming Freedom

“Andrew Rihn is what every poet should be: an honest observer. This latest collection peels away countless layers of dirt hidden under the fingernails of this country. While short, these poems are not breezy. They will haunt you for hours after reading; rarely has a sinking feeling been so well put into words.”
—John Dorsey, author of Sodomy is a City in New Jersey

Named as New & Noteworthy by NewPages.

Interview at The People's Voice.