Going Home: A Horror Story
a short story by Lawrence Millman

"This petite book is a handsomely-bound, 25-page delight that anyone with an overbearing mother or dysfunctional family will appreciate. ... Millman, in a very short space, conveys all the nuances of character and scene that make his story feel familiar, even for a reader who cannot relate to the situation. The end holds a hilarious, lovely and horrifying surprise that may cause a reaction somewhere between a wince and a chuckle. Going Home is a memorable little tale not soon to be forgotten.
Prick of the Spindle

"As a horror story, Millman redefines what a horror is. It is a very funny and had me laughing out loud, not usual fare for horror. In fact, having read a few horror stories here and there, and not having read any of Millman's previous works (for which I now feel deprived), I would say he may be in a class of his own."
Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

"Millman’s story does traffic in horror, albeit of a (mostly) emotional variety, but “terror,” the sort of stomach-wrenching reaction that can only arise from interactions with those closest to you, might be more apt. That Going Home’s protagonist, Peter, is a writer of horror fiction adds a slightly metafictional level to the events described here, that is, a bleakly comic account of a family’s last surviving members meeting, a family whose dysfunction is epic in scale."
The Chapbook Review

In this darkly comic tale, Lawrence Millman, author of such classic works as Last Places and A Kayak Full of Ghosts, gives the lie to Thomas Wolfe: you can go home again. The problem is, can you ever get away from home...or your mother?