So Much Is Burning
poems and photography by William Taylor Jr.


You’re waiting for the sun
to go away like a companion
you’ve grown tired of
and the city night
comes down
with a loneliness
that aches like nothing else
it fills your blood
as you wander through
the streets and alleys
of Chinatown
trying to find some new way
to get lost
the buildings are colorful
and strange
and the people speak in languages
you don’t understand
here it’s easy to dream
you are someplace else
just avoid the tourists
and step over the men
asleep on the sidewalk
and if you drop a handful of change
in somebody’s cap
it might make you holy
and a ten dollar jacket
from the goodwill store
might turn you into
someone else
and if you drink enough
you might cease to exist
for a little while
and everything
will be beautiful again.