What to Tell the Sleeping Babies
poems by MRB Chelko

"No one that I know writes like Chelko, which I consider a high compliment.”
Small Press Review

”This is a teasing, absolutely enjoyable read that taps a wellspring of joy in the reader that they might never have been aware of. Behind the fun and quirkiness, however, there is a rhythm and wisdom that can surprise and captivate. Highly recommended.”

”With brief bits of wisdom peppered through her verse, she makes her introduction well, as readers will be left awaiting more from her work.”
Midwest Book Review

What to Tell the Sleeping Babies...is a playful, enjoyable read. The poet's enthusiasm for language buds in every line, and her wordplay and imagery is not self-serving but rather constitutes fun with a purpose. The resonance of Chelko's lines makes the work as a whole memorable. ... Chelko has a gift for using language and metaphor in truly unique and memorable ways.”
Prick of the Spindle

“Filled with imagery that takes a few reads to grasp, this chap is insightful and unique. Chelko has a voice that will catch you off-guard, it will walk up casually, extend a hand, and then completely blow you away. It is almost like she has this internal language, this world filled with ghosts, orchards of enormous fruit, and strange and twisted dreams. ... Through out the collection Chelko drops smalls pearls of wisdom, but weaves them together with images that are powerful and creative. This weaving together is put into action visibly with the blue thread that holds the pages together. This is an impressive and finely crafted debut from this Massachusetts poet.”
What to Wear During an Orange Alert?

“The readers of this little book will enter the world of real things made into music, lyric found on street corners and in bags of apples. This wonderful debut has some beautiful, strong lyricism. I recommend it to you.”
—Ilya Kaminsky, author of Dancing in Odessa

“MRB Chelko’s poetic voice is hushed and calm but also wonderfully alarming, like someone whispering ‘fire’ in a burning building, and the poems in this collection are imaginative, refreshing, and alive. Her poetry introduces us to a world like no other, then reminds us it’s the only one we have.”
—Jason Heroux, author of Emergency Hallelujah and The Sea Never Drowns

Named "Pick of the Month" by Small Press Review.