For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed...
poems by Hosho McCreesh

"It is seldom that a book of poetry comes around that can change the way we view the world. Picking up a copy of this book just might make a difference. The only fault I can find with this book is that there is not enough of it."
Outsider Writers Collective

"Despite the poetic, long-winded, stalwart titles, the poems themselves are meticulously simple, a paradoxical straight-forward tone lingering among heightened intensity; well-chosen to be small, well-placed to be exact, well-read to become huge. ... The poems are personal, yet universal, which is maybe the hardest challenge of writing poetry, and one that McCreesh masters with the ease of the best of them."
Leah Angstman

"It is choked with worry & anger, panic & disgust, all in the most uncommon and beautiful ways."
J . A. Tyler

Outsider Writers Collective has published an interview with Hosho.

Listed as number eight in What to Wear During an Orange Alert?'s "Top 10 Books of 2008" Holiday Guide 2008.